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Getting Involved

You’re more than the sum of your classes. Everyday experiences — beautiful music, uplifting teamwork, sharing acts of kindness, discovering a latent talent — provide life’s unscripted lessons and help us define ourselves. You'll find plenty of avenues to join the community and be part of something larger than yourself.

Your Community

Getting involved in your community lets you share your passions and discover new ones. Find a group of kindred spirits, invest yourself through community service or explore an interest completely out of your comfort zone in one of our nearly 400 student organizations.

Be part of the Texas music culture in San Marcos through ensembles on campus or performances in town. The Texas Music Theater in downtown San Marcos boasts state-of-the-art sound and lighting and welcomes country, blues, and rock and roll.

Through creativity and service, Hip Hop Congress has become a fusion of campus' diverse cultures.