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How to Apply: International Students

Please complete the following application steps (submit necessary information, fill out forms, etc.) by the appropriate priority date. Also, note that the scholarship deadline is earlier than the application priority date. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list at the bottom of this page.

Step 1

Submit Your Application

The application must be completed online using the ApplyTexas Application (we will not accept mail-in forms). It is important that you fill out all sections of your application completely. Remember, the International Application is only for students who have, or are seeking, an F-1 student visa. All other non-citizens should use the U.S. application.

Applicants needing a visa to enter the U.S. should complete all application requirements at least a month before the posted priority date to ensure time to complete the process.

Step 2

Send Your School Documents

Students must submit full transcripts (records of ALL courses taken and marks earned for each semester/year of both secondary school and college), as well as graduation/school leaving exam results, and certificates awarded. Original documents or copies that have been certified by your school or a U.S. embassy/consulate official must be submitted. A certified English translation must accompany the original records if the original records are not in English.

Step 3

Send Your Test Scores

Have the testing service send your scores directly to Texas State University. Please note that the SAT/ACT scores can be sent electronically, but English proficiency tests will need to be mailed by the testing service. The TOEFL school code for Texas State University is 006667.

Freshman Requirements

Students who (when they apply) have attended at least two years of school in the U.S. must provide SAT/ACT scores and meet regular freshman admission standards

Students who do not meet the two-year requirement in the U.S. must meet English Language Proficiency Requirements. Students may take the SAT/ACT in place of English language testing, but will need to meet the regular freshman admission standards if they do. For students who take both the SAT/ACT and English Language testing, the language testing will be used first to make an admission decision. Student who plan to participate in intercollegiate athletics are required to meet SAT score requirements for NCAA purposes. 

Transfer Requirements

Students must meet English Language Proficiency Requirements. Transfer students who have completed English Composition/College Writing I & II with grades of "C" or better in a U.S. college or university do not have to submit English language testing scores. 

Step 4

Await Notification

Most applications will be evaluated and you will be notified of a decision, initially by email, within a week of completion. During this time, you can become familiar with the remaining steps you will need to take, but do not complete them until you have been admitted. You can also check out the International Office website.

If you have any questions about the international process above, please email For questions about the immigration/visa process AFTER you have been admitted, please contact the International Office or visit their website.

Step 5

Complete Next Steps After Admission

Getting admitted is only the first step before you can enroll at Texas State University. If you are applying for, or already have an F-1 student visa, learn about your immigration steps here. Once you have been formally admitted, the International Office will be your primary point of contact if you will use a student visa. We will be happy to help you connect with them if needed.

There are several additional actions that must be completed before you can attend Texas State. If you have specific questions, please refer to the offices referenced in the next steps for admitted students. Answers to most of your questions can be found by typing the subject into the search box on the Texas State University homepage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm taking college courses while still in high (secondary) school. What application do I choose?

Students who completed college course credits before graduating high school are still Freshmen applicants. Transfer applications are for students who have graduated from high school and then enrolled in a college or university. 

How can I pay my application fee after submitting my application?

If not paid at the time of submission, you can mail a check payable to "Texas State University" to:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Texas State University
429 N. Guadalupe St.
San Marcos, TX 78666

You may also pay online through the link provided in the Application Status Check.

I can't activate my NetID. What can I do?

The most common reason is that you are entering the verification information the same as you entered it on your application. They must match exactly. You may need to go back to your application to see what you entered. 

If that does not work, please contact the Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC) at 512.245.4822, or They are available 24 hours every day. If they tell you the problem is a specific item of information, contact with what that is.

I will need financial assistance to attend. What scholarships are available?

If you need to be awarded a competitive scholarship to meet your financial requirements for an I-20, you should apply for admission at least one month prior to the scholarship deadlines of December 15 for fall freshmen, and March 1 for fall transfers and all summer applications. This is because you must already be admitted by the stated deadline to be eligible for a scholarship. 

NOTE: There are NO competitive scholarships available for spring applicants. For students applying for the spring semester, there are Assured and Departmental scholarships available. 

Receipt of a Texas State Competitive Scholarship of $1,000 or more can reduce your tuition cost by allowing you to pay the in-state resident tuition rate. (See "Waivers" and "University Approved Forms" at the bottom of the page linked here. It is important to know that a waiver does not grant in-state residency. If it expires, or is lost, the tuition bill will increase to the full non-resident amount.) 

Learn more about other non-competitive, non-waiver eligible scholarships and grants available only to international students. The Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students (TAMS) application is available to F1 Visa students from Mexico. Learn more about application, deadlines and additional information.

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How do I send my school records?

Texas State University requires that all official school transcript records be sent directly from your school via mail or online from a secure website (E Script, Parchment, etc.). You may mail or deliver a transcript in person if it is in an envelope signed and sealed by a school official, but we will NOT accept an e-mailed transcript. We will need transcripts from every school you've attended. 

Mailing Address:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Texas State University
429 N. Guadalupe
San Marcos, TX 78666

How can I get my transcript translated?

Ask your school to provide the translation when they send the original. If they can't do that, and you are still in your home country, ask the school who they recommend to do it or take it to the nearest U.S. Consulate or Embassy. If already in the U.S., you may ask for help from your Embassy or Consulate, or find a local service that will certify its work. If not done by the school itself, the translation should include a statement that it was done for a document originally sealed by the school.

How long does it take to process a document, and how will I know you have received my records?

Shortly after applying you will receive instructions about checking the status of your application online. You will also receive weekly e-mails letting you know what requirements are missing or incomplete. Please allow three weeks for documents you mailed to show as complete. 

Should I get my transcript evaluated by a third-party company?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions completes all transcript grade and course credit evaluations and will normally not accept a third-party evaluation. If you have already had an evaluation completed by a recognized evaluation service, we may be able to use it as a translated version of your transcript if it includes all of the original grades. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to known problems with fraudulent documents, students from certain countries will be required to have their transcripts verified for authenticity by a third-party evaluation company. Students from these countries will be notified individually of this requirement, along with further instructions.

I only have graduation exam/Baccalaureate exam/WASSCE/GCSE/GCE scores. Is that the same as a transcript?

No. Graduation exam scores are considered diplomas for completion and not transcripts by themselves. We require full records with grades awarded each year for each course taken. If you high (secondary) school is three years, you should have three years' worth of grades. If your school does not keep this kind of record, we will need a signed statement from a school official (not just a teacher) stating this. 

I come from an English-speaking country. Do I still need to take a language test?

To determine if you are exempt from taking a language test, please look at the English Language Proficiency Requirements to find a list of exempt countries and territories. 


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