Transfer Admission

We welcomed over 3,840 transfer students in the fall of 2014, so you'll be in good company. Your overall academic record is the most important part of your application, but we need different things in your application depending on whether or not you've completed 30 or more transferable hours.

Transfer Applicant Resources

Who is a transfer applicant?

Transfer applicants are students who have earned transferable credit hours from a college or university and have been out of high school for at least one semester (not including summer). We look at the number of transferable credit hours that have been completed at the time of application.

Choosing Courses

If you are looking to transfer to Texas State, your main focus should be taking core classes as they will need to completed regardless of your major. Additionally, core classes are more likely to transfer directly. If you would like to take additional courses, use the Undergraduate Catalog to find your intended degree plan. 

You may also utilize our Transfer Planning Guides to determine a two-year plan for your intended degree. 

Transferring Courses

As a transfer student, you are typically most concerned about which credits will transfer to Texas State and how they will be counted towards your degree plan. As such, we have a Transfer Course Equivalency Guide to provide credit equivalencies for commonly transferred courses. 

Only 66 lower-level credit hours may be applied to your degree plan. Upper-level credit hours may be applied from a four-year university. However, over 25% of your upper-level courses must be completed at Texas State. To learn more about specific transfer processes, click here.

Additional Requirements

Majors within the McCoy College of Business can be classified as Limited Access, as student enrollment is limited each semester. The affected majors include accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing and computer information systems.

Some programs at Texas State require that students complete additional requirements, on top of what is needed to earn general admission to the University. These program entry requirements could include having a higher GPA, taking certain courses or participating in an audition process. 

Veteran Admission & Military Credit

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions welcomes military veterans who are interested in enrolling at Texas State. If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact Carlos Laird, Associate Director for Processing & Evaluations.

Your military transcripts will be evaluated; however, military credit and performance will not be used for admission purposes. Your academic college must approve your military credit and it will be applied to your Texas State transcript after the 12th class day.