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Transfer Credit Evaluation

Whether you are just thinking about transferring to Texas State or have already been admitted, you can see for yourself how course work completed at other colleges and universities will be credited.

Thinking of transferring to Texas State and want to see how your course work will transfer?

The transfer course equivalency system provides Texas State transfer credit equivalencies for commonly transferred courses. The information that you find here is drawn from the same course equivalency database that is used when information is posted to your official Texas State transcript.

Course transferability and equivalents are subject to change. An official evaluation of transfer courses will be available to each student at the time of their admission to the university.

Admitted or enrolled at Texas State and want to know how your transferable course work was evaluated?

If you are an admitted or enrolled student who has submitted official transcripts from other colleges or universities, you can view your evaluated course work to see how your credits transfer to Texas State (NetID and password required). If you have questions about your course work evaluation, please refer to the Evaluated Course Work Glossary or contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at or 512.245.2364.

Access our online Transfer Course Equivalency System

Note: If a course you are looking for is not listed, this is because the course has not yet been evaluated or because it will not transfer to Texas State University. You may contact our office if you have questions.

Evaluated Course Work Glossary

Below are explanations of the evaluation abbreviations, meant to help you better understand what transfers and how. You may also download a copy of the Evaluated Course Work Glossary here.

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  • Evaluation Key

Core Curriculum

If you're currently attending another college and looking to transfer to Texas State, your top priority should be taking core classes since you'll need to complete your core courses regardless of your major. Keep in mind that you do not need to be core complete to transfer to Texas State. Click the PDF document below to view Texas State's Core Curriculum:

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Additional Classes

You may want to take more classes than just core before transferring. If you plan to do this, you'll first need to find your degree program using the Undergraduate Catalog. Also, look at the catalog to see if your program requires a specific core class, especially in math and science.

Your degree program will likely show your classes listed according to each academic year or semester of a typical four-year college career. In the catalog, the courses are listed in Texas State codes and numbers.  To find which courses are offered at your current college and their equivalencies, use our Transfer Course Equivalency System.

Use the program to search for course numbers from your current college or search by Texas State course number. You should be able to find equivalencies for all of the transferable or remedial classes you have previously taken at any Texas college.

Transfer Policies

  • Texas State will transfer as many of your courses/hours that are considered transferable; however, only 66 lower-level hours will be applied toward your degree plan. Additional upper-level hours from a four-year university may also be applied. You will need to take a minimum number of credit hours at Texas State in order to graduate with a Texas State degree.
  • Repeat Policy — You may repeat a course one time to replace the first grade earned in that class, regardless of what that grade is. Make sure that the repeat course you take is exactly the same as the initial course, or equivalent to the initial course if the repeat is taken at a different college than the first attempt. Use our Transfer Course Equivalency System to confirm equivalencies.
  • Grades of D and F are transferable. If the course is considered a transferable course, then the grade you earned in it is transferable. A minimum grade of D is required in Core Curriculum courses to satisfy Core requirements.
  • At least 25% of upper-division courses must be completed in-residence at Texas State.

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