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How to Apply: Transfers with 1–29 Hours

Ready to take the next step?

Texas State accepts over 4,000 transfer students a year. For students who have completed less than 30 transferable hours after high school graduation, we require the following:

Keep in mind that credits for AP, IB and CLEP  tests are not used for admission purposes.

In order for your application to be considered complete, and for an admission decision to be made, it must consist of the following items. We encourage you to check your application status online throughout the process. 

Want to know what course credits will transfer to Texas State? You can use our Transfer Course Equivalency System to find out.

Step 1

Fill out the ApplyTexas application

Fill out parts I and II on the ApplyTexas Transfer Application. It is important you fill out all sections of the application completely. Need help? Check out the ApplyTexas Help Page for quick answers.

Step 2

Complete an essay (optional)

Choose one essay from topics A, B or C.

(It's not required, but we highly recommend that you submit one.)

Step 3

Send your high school transcript

Your official transcript can be sent directly from your high school. Contact to your school's registrar for questions about ordering one.

Step 4

Send your official college transcript(s)

Texas State requires an official transcript from every college and University you have attended. Contact your previous colleges to request official transcripts.

Step 5

Send your SAT or ACT test scores

Take the ACT or SAT and have those scores sent to Texas State. Our ACT code number is 4178 and our SAT I code number is 6667. You can always send us updated test scores. We will take the highest composite score from one test date.

Step 6

Provide a current resume

If you did not complete Part II of the Transfer application then you will need to provide either a resume of your high school activities, awards and employment, or a traditional professional resume, whichever is more appropriate to your current situation.

Step 7

Pay the application fee or receive a fee waiver

Pay your non-refundable $75 application fee. We do offer some fee waivers to students who qualify based on need.

Limited Access Programs

Learn more about additional admission requirements for any degree program in the McCoy College of Business.

Also, there are some majors that require you to start as a "pre-major" and/or meet specific program entry requirements to be admitted to that major or accepted into that degree program.

Learn more about  admissions priority dates.