Submit Proof of Meningitis Vaccination

Prior to registration, proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination (or an exemption) must be submitted and approved through Magnus Health SMR. You will not be allowed to register unless you have completed this requirement. To avoid registration delays, you should submit your document to Magnus at least two days before you intend to register, and seven days prior to an on-campus New Student Orientation. Allow up to two weeks for faxed/mailed documents to be processed.

Uploading a scanned or electronic document is recommended. If you do not have access to a scanner, a photo may be used, but make sure the record is flat, well lit and in focus. Magnus will not approve a record that can't be read.

Before you begin, you must activate your NetID and password.

Submit your Meningitis Documents

1. Go to the CatsWeb webpage for Students.

2. Click on TXST SELF-SERVICE LOG IN in the center of the page.

Self-Service login link location on the CATSWEB Students page

3. Log in using your NetID and password. This will take you into the Main Menu. Here you will click the Student link provided in the menu list or in the tab at the top of the page.

4. Once in the Student page, select the Meningitis Immunization link located near the bottom of the menu list. This will take you to the Create Account page on the Magnus website. (If you do not connect to Magnus the first time, try again. The site may be busy, but that usually only lasts a few seconds at a time.)

5. Create your Magnus account and click Next Step to take you to the Payment page.

6. The Payment page will prompt you for credit card information, which Magnus will use to process your one-time $10 payment. Upon completion of the form, click Submit Payment. Once payment is accepted, you will receive an email of your receipt and be forwarded to your account screen with your To Do list.

7. Click on the orange Click Here button to begin answering the requirement.

8. Click Yes, Submit to continue, or watch the tutorial and then select Yes, Submit.

9. Click on Upload to upload an electronic document like you would attach it to an email, or No, Fax/Mail if you wish to fax or mail your document. Do not upload reason of conscience exemptions. The original must be mailed to Magnus. All faxed/mailed documents must include the personalized cover sheet available for download after selecting No, Fax/Mail. The instructions for faxing/mailing are on the cover sheet. Do not fax/mail documents to Texas State University.

If you upload your record online, you will get a Requirement Complete notification. This does not mean your record has been approved, only that it has been received. You should return to your account page and click View Form to make sure it uploaded fully and correctly.

10. Once you have submitted your record, you may log back into your Magnus account through Texas State Self-Service at any time to check your status. Initially, you will see a yellow triangle that only shows it was received (this may take up to two weeks for faxed/mailed forms).

After your record is reviewed (usually two business days after being received), it will either show a green check () if approved or a red X if not approved. If not approved, you will be able to click on a Reason button to see why. You may upload new forms at any time, without paying another fee.


Visit the Magnus Support Center for Students for help topics and video tutorials. You may need to skip the first few steps of a help topic, since you are actually logging in through Texas State Self-Service, instead of with Magnus. You will also find links to contact Magnus through email or Live Chat, or you can call their customer service number at 877.461.6831.

If you still cannot upload your form electronically, you may bring a paper copy to New Student Orientation and NSO staff will assist you in uploading the document.