Ana Hernandez

Photo of Ana Hernandez

Ana Hernandez

Admissions Counselor



San Antonio and Bexar County High Schools

Comal County and New Braunfels High Schools

Southwest Texas Area High Schools and Community Colleges

Corpus Christi and Central Gulf Coast Area High Schools and Community Colleges

Hometown:  Killeen, Texas

Alma Mater:  Texas State University

Majors/Degrees:  Bachelor of Arts in History and Spanish

How would you describe the atmosphere at Texas State?

I would describe the atmosphere at Texas State as proud. Our students take pride in their studies, research, relationships, and contribution to the Bobcat community, both on and off campus. Faculty members also take pride in the success of their students and their devotion to helping them succeed academically and develop as professionals.


What are three things you love about Texas State?

  • Its student services! We have so many services on campus that assist students in succeeding both professionally and personally. Programs such as PACE advising, The Student Learning Assistance Center (SLAC), Student Support Services (SSS) and Career Services to name a few.
  • The campus. Our campus is surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Everywhere you go there’s an Instagram worthy picture to be taken!
  • The diversity. There’s so much to learn from one another!


What advice do you have for future students?

I’d strongly encourage them to get involved on campus! We have so many amazing student organizations and opportunities for students to network, find like-minded people and engage in the beautiful San Marcos community. Our student organizations are so welcoming and make you feel like family.