Sam Aparicio

Admissions Counselor



Rio Grande Valley Area High Schools and Colleges

Hometown:  McAllen, Texas

Alma Mater:  Texas State University

Majors/Degrees:  Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

What do you like best about San Marcos?

The size of San Marcos makes it easy to feel like you’re in a tight-knit community while being in close proximity to larger cities like Austin and San Antonio. Having access to the San Marcos River that runs right through campus is also a plus!


How would you describe the atmosphere at Texas State?

The students at Texas State bring great energy to the campus. Our students come from all over Texas and they all come with something positive to contribute, making Texas State feel like a melting pot. Texas State is also growing and it’s exciting to see school spirit continue to grow with it.


Why did you choose to become an admissions counselor?

As a first-generation college student, I recall what it feels like to go through the college search process. At times I know it can be daunting for students to enter into that realm. I truly enjoy helping students navigate through what can feel like an overwhelming experience.