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Texas State University

Agriculture and Nutrition

two male students water plants in the greenhouse

Cultivate your talents

This ground is fertile for growing innovative new approaches to managing the earth’s most essential resources. In agriculture business, dietetics and nutrition, and soil and animal sciences, we’re raising ideas for healthier lifestyles and healing the planet.

By the year 2050, the U.N. estimates the world population will reach 9 billion people, who all need to eat. That means the opportunities for new careers and new achievements are growing just as rapidly. Are you ready to grow with us?

Student Profile

Making Healthy Connections

Lindsey Menge came to Texas State for the expert-led, hands-on opportunities in human nutrition. Now, her research will help keep campus healthy.

Beyond the Classroom

student playing with goat at Freeman ranch

Texas State’s Legendary Freeman Center

Better known as “Freeman Ranch” to generations of students and professors, it is 3,500 acres of wildland and ranchland, a sprawling, organic lab to study land and resource management, veterinary medicine, forensic anthropology and much more. Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, about 10 miles northwest of campus, Freeman is a rare university resource. Even students from the liberal and fine arts programs find inspiration in this unique campus asset.

Bobcat Blend

The goals of Bobcat Blend are to teach students, faculty and staff through daily operations and development of habits the environmental, economic and intrinsic values of composting, in the cafeterias and in the classrooms, labs and landscapes on campus.

dr. nicole wagner in the scientific greenhouse at texas state

Dr. Nicole Wagner

Senior Lecturer, Department of Agriculture

Faculty Profile

Engineering, Agriculture Research Partnership - EverGreen

Dr. Wagner leads a collaborative team of researchers who are looking for new ways to feed the world’s growing population. The goal behind project EverGreen is to grow hydroponic crops in a shipping container’s controlled environment, powered by renewable energy and irrigated by renewable water sources.