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Texas State University


a female student wears VR googles and drives a virtual car

Break through communication barriers

You know that communications is about more than words and that people communicate on many levels. What we say and how we say it is the key to business, leadership and understanding how people relate to the world.

You also recognize the limitless opportunities in analyzing, interpreting and utilizing the troves of data at our disposal today.

We’ll sharpen your skills at breaking through boundaries, building relationships and making sure your messages get attention. You can learn to use your talents to help others with their communication challenges. Whatever your calling, communication skills are prized by employers in every field.

Student Profile

Building Reporting Skills for a Changing Media Landscape

In the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, senior Brooke Phillips has gained practical experience that’s preparing her for a career in the rapidly changing field of media.


Beyond the Classroom

Storytelling in America's Parks

Study-in-America is a university-wide initiative providing immersive education in unique destinations. For the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, that meant trekking to parks across the Southwest to tell multimedia stories.


KTSW is a Bobcat-run, college-indie-formatted station featuring music from all genres, as well as local and national news stories.


Senior Lecturer and General Manager of KTSW

Faculty Profile

Honoring Graduates’ Names

Since 2008, the voice of commencement has been Dan Schumacher of the TXST School of Journalism & Mass Communication, who calls out each new graduate’s name.