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Texas State University

Humanities and Social Sciences

Students and faculty work together to examine a rock wall in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands

People can be your profession

Human beings are complicated, but working to understand them opens up limitless career paths and challenges. You can investigate why and how we create communities, and study our shared histories and our thousands of unique cultures.

It’s vital to understand people, how they communicate, what makes us unique, and what traits and influences we share. It can lead you to careers as diverse as geospatial mapping, law school, and much more. If you love delving into the story of us, we’ll help you turn that curiosity into your life’s work.

Student Profile

Forensic Anthropology

Hands-on work with exceptional faculty, a unique research setting, and the opportunity to collaborate with students from many other disciplines make Texas State’s forensic anthropology program one of the best in the nation.

Beyond the Classroom

A student athlete lines up his baseball swing

Honors Class - Get in the Game!

What does baseball mean beyond the diamond? It’s been a testing ground for the persistence of racial prejudice and the expansion of civil rights, and reflected our advances in technology and management structure. The study of baseball can reveal much about the American experience, which you can do in Honors College courses like Baseball and the American Experience.

Faculty Profile

Connecting History to Today

Connecting the lessons of history with the opportunities and challenges that students face brings stories of the past, present, and future together for associate professor of history Dr. Ronald Johnson.


Associate Professor, American History