Alumni Profile: Victor A. Salazar

Victor Salazar at his work

Degree: 2015, B.A. in Political Science

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Post-graduation: Adult and youth services staff, Fort Worth Public Library; individual assistance reservist, FEMA

Why did you decide on Texas State?

Out of all the colleges we visited, Texas State stood out the most and I decided to attend because it had the political science program I was looking for, the process to apply was explained very well to me, and the campus and city were just breathtaking.

As a first-generation student, there was pressure, but there was more motivation. My parents poured all their immigrant hopes into me. I was thrilled to prove to them that the move to the United States was worth all those years of uncertainty and hardship. Being a first-generation college student means you will accept many responsibilities without help. This includes filling out financial aid forms and arranging campus visits, while at the same time keeping the whole family updated on how you are breezing through this process. I actually felt like I was breezing through this because Texas State had so much support and resources. I had to put in the effort, especially since I knew I had to educate my brother and other family members in the future.

What surprised you the most about student life at Texas State?

What surprised me was how much Texas State has to offer. Even before starting school, I attended Bobcat Preview, where current students gave us advice on transitioning to college and everything student-life related. The choice is yours and there are so many things to choose from.

I found my direction at Texas State and now years after graduation, I am still on track thanks to the overwhelming support I had.

How did your student experience prepare you for your career after graduation?

It introduced me to a lot of people. Being involved on campus with organizations that prepared me for my future and with local political campaigns helped me make the connection with what I was learning in class. All of the political science classes were always building me up and introducing me to so many career options.

As a student, you have the opportunity to make connections and talk to your professors and staff that can help you find a direction. I found my direction at Texas State and now years after graduation, I am still on track thanks to the overwhelming support I had.

What advice would you give an incoming freshman?

Get involved. Texas State has so much to offer and so much space to do so. I met a lot of freshmen during the organization fairs. Most were shy, but my advice is to ask all of the questions! All of the staff, every professor, even the most outrageous organization wants to tell you how awesome Texas State is. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t be afraid of the future, and don’t let Alkek’s stairs intimidate you. Make the best of your time, at your own pace!

Did Texas State help you find your current job?

Yes. Career Services is very welcoming and will help with résumés, internships, job interviews, and online resources that I still use to this day. I found my FEMA job using some of the online resources. Career Services introduced me to this field and after I graduated, I was prepared for the next step. ♦