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Texas State University

Program Entry Requirements

Some majors at Texas State have entry requirements that must be completed in addition to receiving general admission to the university. Students may be admitted to Texas State but not their major, and will start their program classified as a "pre-major" (for example, pre-communication studies). Students wishing to pursue these majors are not considered eligible to graduate in their program until they complete the entry requirements, departmental application and upper-level courses required by the department.

This page is meant to give you some basic information to determine additional entry standards for successful admission to and completion of your major. It is not an official or exhaustive listing of all individual degree program admission or graduation requirements. 

Please see the University Catalog or contact the Academic Advising office for your major for complete information.

If you are transferring from another Texas institution, refer to the Transfer Course Equivalency System to determine if courses equivalent to these prerequisites are offered at your college or university. You may also use the Transfer Planning Guides to assist you in selecting transferable courses.

Different degree programs consider different combinations of courses when calculating their required minimum GPA. Here are some of the notations that you will see in the "Required GPA" column:

  • TX State - This GPA only takes into account the courses that you have taken while enrolled at Texas State.
  • Overall - This GPA takes into account all courses taken at Texas State as well as those taken at other institutions and transferred to Texas State.
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