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Texas State University

Pay for College

At Texas State we make every effort to keep our tuition rates affordable while providing you with a world-class educational experience. From scholarships to work study, grants and financial aid, you have a variety of resources available to help you pay for it.

students were awarded financial aid in 2017
> $360
million in aid was received by students in 2017

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Get to know the different types of aid available. Student loans must be repaid after graduation. Scholarship and grants don’t need to be repaid. Most forms of aid can be combined to lower your total costs, so examine your options.

Be sure you check eligibility requirements and deadlines. The rules vary between different aid and scholarship programs.

Financial Aid Options

Scholarship Opportunities

Fill out the FAFSA

"we'll help you do that math" financial aid video
Attending TXST is very affordable, even compared to other state schools. If you are coming from out-of-state, you may still qualify to pay tuition at the Texas resident rate, so make sure you review all your options.
Cost of Attendance
Texas Resident - $23,770
Non-Texas Resident - $36,230
9 month average (On Campus)