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Who is a Returning (Readmit) Student?

Returning students, sometimes referred to as former students or readmits, are students who have previously attended Texas State and want to return to campus to continue their studies after having been away for at least one long semester.

Returning students must re-apply for admission. For guidance on how to re-apply, including deadlines, refer to the steps below.

Academic Suspension

If you were asked to leave due to academic suspension, you may return after complying with the terms of the university‚Äôs suspension policy and by following the re-admission criteria outlined below.

Personal Leave

If you left Texas State for personal reasons, and were gone for one long semester or more, you may return by following the re-admission steps outlined below.


Returning students who are members of the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard and withdrew from school as a result of a call to active duty are eligible to return without paying the application fee, if you return to Texas State within a year of being released from active duty. Please submit the Returning Military Information Form along with the DD-214 form with release information or a letter from the Commander with release information.

Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student, please contact the Graduate College.

Ready to Apply?

If you are a former student and want to complete your degree, you must meet admission standards, complete an application for readmission, and submit required documents by the Returning (Readmit) Student priority date. Follow the steps below to be considered for readmission.

For more information, contact Anni Judkins, Assistant Director.

Upcoming Priority Dates

Spring 2022 Summer 2022 Fall 2022
Spring 2022
November 15
Summer 2022
May 1, 2022
Fall 2022
July 15, 2022

Step 1

Admission Application

Complete and submit the ApplyTexas Undergraduate Readmit application by the priority date. It is important that you fill out all sections of your application completely.

Step 2

Application Fee

Pay the nonrefundable application fee of $40. An application fee waiver may be available, based on need.

Step 3

Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts from every institution attended since last enrolling at Texas State. You do not need to submit a Texas State transcript.

Step 4

Next Steps

After admission, you will need to complete new student orientation and meet with your advisor before registering for classes.

Readmission Standards

Applicants who have completed 30 or more transferable hours since last enrolling at Texas State must have a minimum 2.25 GPA in that course work. Applicants who have completed fewer than 30 transferable hours since last enrolling at Texas State must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in that course work. All applicants must be eligible to return to all previous institutions attended.

Former Pathway students who left the program early or did not earn guaranteed admission must sit out at least one long semester after the end of their contract and meet regular transfer requirements. Texas State course work will be used to achieve the 30+ hours required in addition to a 2.25 GPA on all course work completed.